Love Never Fails

$25 a month helps those that are in need in your community.

Resource Center

Resource Center  - There has been a lack of free flowing information in the city for a while, so we decided to bring the resources to the people.

Call us to see if we can help you with Rental Assistance,  Rent Deposit, Housing Assessments and more. 

Divergent -
Online Community

Divergent is the online group of the Church of Salvation. It is the only way to watch our streams and be connected to the main church, no matter where you are.

Download the App and fill out the form to be a part of Divergent. Once you fill out the form and sign into the app, you will be included in the special online group. Be a part of something different.


Begin Your Journey 

With so many people looking for answers when it comes to their spirit we have provide a place that can help you get connected with God and what you need to do to operate in your spirit language. Our Sundays are filled with music that sets the atmosphere that allows you to be in the presence of God, follow by a sermon. If you are looking to receive a greater connection to God then this is the place to begin.

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Begin Your Journey

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