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H.I.T. Squad

 For I Was - Homeless Information
 Our department is dedicated to providing accurate and valuable information to our homeless clients while demonstrating compassion and care.

In our inaugural year of operation, we achieved a milestone by successfully facilitating the transition of 53 individuals from the streets to more stable situations. This progress has been bolstered by our collaborations with outstanding programs, enhancing our effectiveness. Our efforts encompass aiding in both permanent and temporary placements, as well as providing rental assistance and various other forms of support.
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 At our center, we recognize the growing search for spiritual guidance and understanding. That's why we've established a space to help you forge a deeper connection with God and guide you on how to operate in your spiritual language.

Our Sunday gatherings are thoughtfully curated with soul-stirring music, setting an atmosphere that invites you into the presence of God, followed by an inspiring sermon.

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Bright Futures

At the Church of Salvation, we strongly believe in investing in the youth as a critical endeavor for shaping a promising future. In the upcoming Spring of 2024, we are thrilled to introduce our inaugural Bright Futures Conference. This event will unite a hundred students and their parents from the local area, providing a unique opportunity to engage and learn from a diverse array of career experts. The conference serves as a platform for students to establish meaningful connections, explore potential career paths and internships, and gain valuable insights into their areas of interest. Our panel of professionals spans various industries, including medical and research, business and finance, engineering, and education. 

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