For I Was

Transforming lives and uplifting communities, For I Was..., our dedicated program inspired by Matthew 25:35-40 is aimed at providing essential assistance and support to those in need in the San Diego area.


Join us for an uplifting Bible Study Sunday  filled with fellowship, worship, and spiritual nourishment for your soul.  
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Our Pastor

Pastor Shane O'Garro

"Don't let your setback be a step back" - Shane O'Garro
Meet Shane O’Garro, a Boston native turned San Diego resident, celebrated for his candid honesty and direct communication style. From launching his first business at 17 to publishing his debut book at 22, Shane's entrepreneurial spirit has always shone brightly. However, a profound encounter during an unexpected prayer meeting at 30 redirected his path, leading him to dedicate his life to Christ and later establish The Church of Salvation in San Diego.

As the visionary behind the impactful "For I Was" outreach program, Shane has championed initiatives aiding homeless individuals, successfully transitioning over 100 people into stable housing and founding the Homeless Information Team (H.I.T.) Squad. His advocacy for the homeless community extends beyond the church walls, earning him widespread recognition.

Beyond his church work, Shane serves as an influential member of the Mira Mesa Town Council, advocating for initiatives benefiting the local community, especially the homeless population.

Shane continues to shape the future landscape, leveraging his diverse expertise to propel positive change.

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