WHo are we

Our Motto

Guiding today, illuminating tomorrow 

Our  Scripture

Thou shalt call thy walls Salvation

Isaiah 60:18

The Mission

In the heart of the city, the Church of Salvation stands not merely as a structure of stone and stained wood, but as a vital heartbeat pulsing through the community. Its doors are gateways to transformation—not only spiritual, but tangible, impacting lives on a profound scale.

The church's mission is simple yet profound: to guide every soul toward a transformative journey, as echoed in Acts 2:38, ensuring that individuals not only aspire to heavenly reunions but also thrive in their earthly lives. Here, faith transcends prayer; it manifests in deeds that resonate across the city.

Our outreach extends vigorously through programs like "For I was," a unique initiative underpinned by our identity as the city’s only black-led outreach effort dedicated to eradicating homelessness. In just two years, over 100 lives have been uplifted from the streets into stable or temporary sanctuaries —a testament to the program's effectiveness in fostering lasting change.

The integration of business acumen with spiritual growth marks another cornerstone of our mission. We endeavor to show how spirituality and business ethics can coalesce in the marketplace, fostering a community where commerce thrives on principles of integrity and fairness. This initiative not only enhances the economic vitality of our community but also elevates the moral compass of our business practices.

Yet, this is just the dawn. As we press forward, every stride we take, every life we touch, honors the Most High. Our actions are prayers in motion, our outreach a sermon without words, as we live out the wisdom and compassion of God's teachings. In doing so, we not only aim to illuminate paths but to create a family where everyone, irrespective of their past or present, can find a beacon of hope and a place of belonging. This is our commitment, our mission, our promise—to shine God’s infinite love across our community and beyond, making The Church of Salvation a cornerstone of hope and transformation.

 Acts 2:38,  Matthew 25:35-40

Our Vision

This Church will help, lead, and guide people the best it can on this earth until we all make it into Heaven. It will be a haven for those who have been hurt or gripping with issues. It will be a place to foster growth and spiritual development. It will produce an abundance of members of the Body of Christ, not just leaders. It will use all the resources afforded to it, to welcome and to maintain.

This Church will praise God and worship Him with an amazing praise that spiritual chains will be broken, break-throughs will be a constant occurrence, miracles will be poured out by God and those that are sick will be healed. The alters will be constantly overflowing with sinners who want to be saved. The Glory of God will be at every service and everyone will hear what the Lord is saying to them.  

This Church will not just be a local church, but a global Church. It will influence others to make on-going changes in their community. It will empower people from the lowest seat in the nation to the top. It will stand up for the rights of God and stand against the wrongs of this world all while showing love to one another. It will lead revivals that will change hearts and produce destiny making disciples.  

This Church will retain families for generations to generations till Christ comes back at the last trump signaling the end of the great tribulation. It will create such an atmosphere, that people who enter through those doors will want to become members for life. It will have locations not just across the country, but across the world. It will always put God first with Jesus as the Arch Bishop and The Holy Ghost guiding it.

This Church is
The Church of Salvation