For I Was ....

When our church was in its early stages, our Executive Pastor was unwavering in the commitment to giving back to the community we were part of. From the very beginning, irrespective of the Sunday attendance, we engaged in outreach efforts. Activities such as beach clean-ups, feeding the homeless, and distributing packaged foods to thousands of families in the San Diego area were consistently organized.

However, when the Covid pandemic hit, we saw an opportunity to establish a dedicated program. We envisioned a program that could start small but grow progressively. Our aim was to create a more personalized initiative that directly impacted the people of San Diego. We wanted it to be inclusive, reaching beyond our church members, and providing assistance to anyone in need, without requiring them to be part of our congregation. Thus, we introduced

"For I Was…"

The name "For I Was…" embodies two significant aspects. It signifies the scriptural basis from Matthew 25:35-40, where Jesus emphasized the act of feeding the hungry as serving Him. Additionally, it represents the transformative success, signified by the phrase "For I was," implying a shift from a state of need, such as hunger or loneliness, to a state of fulfillment.

Since its inception, our program has made a substantial impact, assisting hundreds of families and individuals in San Diego.  Our dedicated department is committed to providing not only essential assistance but also accurate and valuable information to our homeless clients.  We emphasize compassion and care in our interactions.

During our inaugural year of operation, we achieved a significant milestone by successfully facilitating the transition of 53 individuals from homelessness to more stable living conditions. This accomplishment was made possible through collaborations with exceptional programs, enhancing our overall effectiveness. Our efforts encompass various forms of support, including both temporary and permanent placements, along with rental assistance.

We invite you to join us in making a meaningful impact and being a blessing to those in need in the San Diego area. Your support will help us continue and expand our mission to provide assistance and uplift the lives of those struggling within our community.
 Help Us, Help More.


Support our mission of aiding our homeless neighbors by making a monthly donation of $25. Your generosity directly fuels our efforts to make a lasting impact in the lives of those in need. Join us in spreading hope and assistance today.