For I Was ....

When this church was starting, one of the elements that our Senior Pastor has was dead set on was to make sure we gave back to the community where we are in. Since the beginning, we have always done some form of outreach no matter how many people were coming in on Sundays. We helped with beach clean-up, fed the homeless, and even helped with package foods that went to thousands of families in the San Diego area.

When Covid happened, we knew this was time to create our own program.  We wanted a program that we could grow, but also start off small. We wanted a program that would directly give back to the people of San Diego and have a more personal feel. We also wanted a program that would be for everyone not just our members. We also wanted a program that we believe would help people without forcing them to be church members. So we decided to create:
For I Was ….
The name represents two things, it represents the scripture and backing of what Jesus asked us to do. In the scripture of Matthew 25:35-40, Jesus talked about people who have fed those who were hungry were feeding Him. The second thing it represents is success! The wording For I was, means I am no longer. Whether that would be hungry or naked, or sick or lonely, I am no longer any of these things.

Since starting we have helped hundreds of families and individuals.  

Help us to continue to be a blessing to those in need in the San Diego area by donating $25 a month.
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